Ensure you bring to your PT Test:

Valid government issued photo ID

Running shoes with socks

Shorts or track pants


Appropriate under garments

Water bottle (optional)

A lock (for the locker room to secure your personal items)

Signed waiver forms ( x 2 )

(download and print below)

Ensure that you do not do any strenuous work or exercise 6 hours prior to the test.

Eat breakfast but avoid big meals too close to your testing time.

Drink lots of water to remain hydrated throughout the test.

You will be given 5 minute breaks between each portion of evaluation to re-hydrate.

​DND 4024-E
Release of Liability for the Primary Reserve Operational Fitness Standard Waiver of Claims for Minors, Assumption of Risks and Indemnification Agreement


 The FORCE test consists of four elements:

(Click on images to watch instruction video)

DND 4016-E

Primary Reserve Operational Fitness Standard Consent for Evaluation Form - Youth (Not of Age of Majority)

30 consecutive lifts of a 20 kg sand bag to a height of 91 cm alternating between left and right sandbags separated by 1.25 metres.
Time allotted: 3 min 30 seconds

Carry one 20kg sand bag and pull (a minimum of) 4 on the floor over 20m without stopping (20 x 5 sand bags = 100 kg minimum)
Time allotted: untimed

Starting from prone, complete two 20m shuttle sprints, dropping to a prone position every 10m for a total of 80 meters
Time allotted: 51seconds

Using 20 metre separating lines, complete ten 20 metre shuttles, alternating between a loaded shuttle with a 20 kg sand bag and unloaded shuttles, for a total of 400 meters.
Time allotted: 5 min 21 seconds